Creative License is a weekly audio and video podcast with Bill Hermann of "The Entertainment Experience Workshops and Seminars" with his take on the DJ Industry, DJ Life and Fun

Bill and Jason explore New Years resolutions with the most over rated and underrated exercises. Kelly bounces in with the Beatnik Pop Culture Report!! Then they discover how to make your own petrified baby. What could follow that but a list of really bad apps to buy in 2014.  And some how all of this reminds Jason of a shocking  experience he had with his cell phone.

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What is the deal with Ohio! Why are they so rude to telemarketers! Need gift ideas, Bill and Jason give you the run down on how much it will now cost to give the gifts from eh 12 days of Christmas.  Kelly bounces in with the Pop Culture report and mourn the loss of Peter O'Toole.  Then Bill and Jason attempt to unravel the code in a Sioux Falls SD television ad by Attorney Scott Hoy.  

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Jason attempts to explain what happened to last weeks show. Then we find out what Victoria's secret is that awkward men buy more. If you love coffee shops you can learn the the top ways to piss off your favorite Barista. Kelly is back the the best music you missed from the NPR website including her new favorite band The Pines.   Then the public apology triggers a fierce debate. 

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Bill and Jason relive a story for Kelly that turns out to be a hoax about this Producer from the "Bachelor" the reality dating ground hogs day  that is very popular among people who want to be in a studio audience, who provokes this lonely, frustrated, sad and pathetic lady wh0 complains loudly into violence and while he does this spits out the story in a spam of a hundred tweets.  Then Bill talks about his requests from Mensa to come and join and before you know it Kelly is back in the room  She starts to give the pop culture report when something unexplainable happens. 

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Bill and Jason discover the best way to pass the time during a flight delay on the way home for thanksgiving. Then they uncover the dark side of Black Friday. The boys get the scoop on shopping drones from the new Pop Culture reporter Kelly. Then they get random with the front page of the internet.  They saw the movie Catching Fire and found out the best part of the story was the bar tender.

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Bill and Jason discover that when you slow crickets down they sound

like a humon choir, or do they?  Then Bill and Jason explore hugging versus

shaking, what's better?  This leads them to wonder why clowns are creepy

again which leads to this anarchist who is crwod sourcing money for

anyone willing to assasinate someone on his list.  Then before they

can transition to another riviting topc Jason's wife Kelly bounces

into the room!! 

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Bill and Jason discover how people might have spoken thousands of 

years ago.  Then it's on to Masters of Sex - Wait till you hear that

transition.  Ballet Dancers have a special super power no one noticed

until now and where would you grow a new nose if you needed one?

Finally they share a tale of 2 dollar stores. 

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Bill and Jason discover moments when they exceeded what

they thought was possible for themselves from a story about

a woman who accidently runs a whole marathon and places. 

Jason shares about a Hair Show he recently co-produced with

Hair Expressions salon in Arden Hills, MN.  Then they expose

Facebook's dirtly little secret in thier marketing. 

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Bill and Jason discover the easiest way to win a new car is to drive

1 million miles.  Plus, is your reputation having a rough time of it

online then maybe you need a Review Fluffer.  They guys explore

the crazy comments they recieved the the Bill and Jason show site

and review the latest music they like.  Finally they discover a lavish

wedding reception for the homeless with no bride or groom. 

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Bill and Jason discover how to go green in your graffiti habit

Who could do such graffiti?  Creppy Clowns of course.  The 

same one from the movie "IT" or is it?  This reminds the boys

of the scariest movies they have ever seen.  Then Bill flatters

Jason with a story about how C-pap machines make you better

looking.  Finally they discover the most popular reciepe ever which

is awesome for people who cook and the ugliest animal ever declared

the ugliest animal by a group of organized and interested people who are

interested in that sort of thing.

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This week Bill accuses Jason of continuing to smoke ciggarates while Jason

denies it.  They discover some handy features of Facebook and the Bill shares

a riviting story from his days or rather nights in Detriiot. 

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This week on the Bill and Jason Show, Larry "The Voice Dude" Russo guest hosts.

The guys want to start "Guns for the Blind."  Larry Remembers that he was hijacked

on a Pan Am flight heading for Beruit. Jason finally looks at the crime in his nieghborhood

and Bill finds a guy whodiscovered how to cook rats in the Andes Mountains. 

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Larry the Voice Dude returns to the show as Guest Host.  Bill finds

his dream beach front property and the guys get jealous.  Jason

shares a moment from last weekends wedding reception.  Then

they find the Mental Floss Fact Generator that some how gets them

talking about Miley Cyrus and her Twirking.  WTH.  Finally Bill

shares an uplighting story about Kidneys. 

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Bill and Jason reminice the crown Jewel of the fair, the Croughnut Burger. 

Jason reveals the Resteraunt Industrial Complex.  Bill reveals the new Wiener

wiener.  Jason takes his toddler son to McDonald's for the first time. Finally

dishwasher cooking tips and the freak show at the Minnesota State Fair.

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Bill and Jason Discover the class better than first class on United Airlines.

Plus the gory details on how Angela Merkle's Airbus got trashed.  Learn

how to rack up $106,000 in parking tickets.  Larry the "voice dude' stops

by for a visit.  Pay attention to what you dentist does with your teeth that

he pulls, he may try and clone you if you're John Lennon.  Then Bill attempts to

unravel the secrets of Masonry.

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Bill and Jason discover the most dangerous route to bicyle

which reminds Bill that he likes to ride.  Spontaneous Human

Combustion is Real!!  I Know, Right?!  And finally it's the Aliens

that get probed for a change.  Plus, how to impersonate Michael Kane.

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Death with Special Guest Host Mitch Taylor

Listener and UP Michigan Entertainer Mitch Taylor joins the show

this week.  He shares a great story about meeting his wife on a

cruise ship.  Then the boys starting talking about ways to die

when you're on vacation because Mitch is also a Travel Agent.

That leads to more stories of Tragic death and finally a woman

who comes back from the dead, sort of. 

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Adult Diapers and other dirty jobs

Bill and Jason discover the coutnry that consumes the most adult diapers!

Then they talk about the runs and all the themes they come in now.

They also find out how few people really like thier jobs in the US and how

many really hate thier jobs.  It's suprising if you are someone who likes

thier job, it figures if you're not.  Plus, should you look for suicidial tendencies

in your dentist?  You may just save yourself the hassle of finding a new dentist.

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Screw you Bruno Mars Bill and Jaosn talk about

the first Quadrillionaire and how his life isn't better

for it.  Plus you get to feel bad for every person

who ever got screwed out of a fortune from one

of thier inventions.  They talk music as Jason

announces his new Electro-Swing special while Bill

gets upset and finally they check in on the official

wedding of the Bill and Jason Show - Bill and Jason's

Big Wedding. 

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Investigative Report?

In this Episode Bill and Jason send John Young of the Disc Jockey News

to find out what really happens at his Chiropractic office.  Plus, breaking

scientific research on how weed affects you, a review of a couple

of recent Tom Cruise movies along with a brand new game!!

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The Big Announcement

Bill and Jason make a big announcemnt in this episode! 

It's the first declaration of something offical on the show!

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The Corniest Episode

This week Bill and Jason talk video games and

man caves with special guest host Kris Cornolo.

Kris is famous for only watching 2 shows on

television... ever.  They also difinitively answer

the question, "Can you be manly wihtout being

Handy?"  More on "Honey Booboo" - (WTF, really?)

Finally, find out if your sausage is laced. 

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The Amazing Show at MN Pride

Bill Hermann share's his experience producing and performing

at a wedding show presented at MN Pride.  Jason shares a story

about how an investment by Bing Crosby set off a chain events

that ultimately created Silicon Valley and fruit juice from

concentrate.  Where would we be without that!!

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First LIstener Interview

Bill and Jason interview listener Rob Peters from Boston.

They find out stuff that they cannot unhear. 

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Fatherhood Special!!

Two fathers interview another father with a blog about

fatherhood!  Our guest Alan Kercinik who blogs about

being Jack's dad at  He shares

his post "Why I Hate Caillou!"  Very Funny!  Happy day

after fathers day Dad's

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Supporting Weed Farmers?

This week Bill and Jason discuss a weed dealer

who had to move east because legal weed was

killing his business.  Plus, how well do you know

your liquor?  Are you being duped at the bar?  And

are we getting acustomed to bad customer service in

the U.S.?  and finally Viagra like effects for women!

It's about time!  News at 11.

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Bill and Jason get dark in this episode.  They talk about a polish

DJ who gets killed for using a computer, a but dailer who confesses

murder.  And a story about a guy who got sued for downloading porn.

Plus a disney imposter playing Santa Clause!

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Bill and Jason discuss the pitfalls of a Bacon themeed resteraunt,

Justin Bieber, again oddly and Mothers day from hell.  They  start

the Mike Rowe fan club and demystify hipsters and diaper genies

all in a half an hour!

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Great Discoveries

Bill and Jason discover the oldest water,

Jason's new job and quting smoking.  They

announce exciting guests coming up on

future shows and the 11 things that have

been named after celebrities. 

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Bill and Jason continue thier conversation with Larry

the Voice Dude.  They explosre the depths of nothingness,

life in the 60's and some other pointless topics to joke about. 

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Bill and Jason introduce the "Voice Dude" Larry Russo

who will be the voice of the opening and closing on the

show.  Larry shares a little about this life as a Voice Over

Actor and broadcaster in Veitnmam during the War. 

The rest of the show is mostly nothing spoken in an

interesting tone of voice.

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Not Those 2 Guys Anymore

In this episode Bill and Jason let everyone

know individually that they are no longer calling

thier show "Those 2 Guys" and announcing the

beginning of The Bill and Jason Show. 

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The next step

This is Episode 2 of Those 2 Guys where Bill and Jason

celebrate all the downloads of thier debut show.  They

discuss a great stage show produced by Intrigue Theater

and performed by Mr. Sean Paul and Julianna Faye.  They

also discuss a recent 15 year study that could make

bras obsolete and the emergence of DJ Artists as

National celebrities. 

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The Beginning

This episode is the first for Jason Jones and Bill Hermann. 

Those two guys talk about missing Roger Ebert, the talents

of Johnny Holmes and failing at hording Honey Boobo style.

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