Creative License is a weekly audio and video podcast with Bill Hermann of "The Entertainment Experience Workshops and Seminars" with his take on the DJ Industry, DJ Life and Fun

Bill and Jason Discover the class better than first class on United Airlines.

Plus the gory details on how Angela Merkle's Airbus got trashed.  Learn

how to rack up $106,000 in parking tickets.  Larry the "voice dude' stops

by for a visit.  Pay attention to what you dentist does with your teeth that

he pulls, he may try and clone you if you're John Lennon.  Then Bill attempts to

unravel the secrets of Masonry.

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Bill and Jason discover the most dangerous route to bicyle

which reminds Bill that he likes to ride.  Spontaneous Human

Combustion is Real!!  I Know, Right?!  And finally it's the Aliens

that get probed for a change.  Plus, how to impersonate Michael Kane.

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Death with Special Guest Host Mitch Taylor

Listener and UP Michigan Entertainer Mitch Taylor joins the show

this week.  He shares a great story about meeting his wife on a

cruise ship.  Then the boys starting talking about ways to die

when you're on vacation because Mitch is also a Travel Agent.

That leads to more stories of Tragic death and finally a woman

who comes back from the dead, sort of. 

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Adult Diapers and other dirty jobs

Bill and Jason discover the coutnry that consumes the most adult diapers!

Then they talk about the runs and all the themes they come in now.

They also find out how few people really like thier jobs in the US and how

many really hate thier jobs.  It's suprising if you are someone who likes

thier job, it figures if you're not.  Plus, should you look for suicidial tendencies

in your dentist?  You may just save yourself the hassle of finding a new dentist.

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