Creative License is a weekly audio and video podcast with Bill Hermann of "The Entertainment Experience Workshops and Seminars" with his take on the DJ Industry, DJ Life and Fun

Bill and Jason explore New Years resolutions with the most over rated and underrated exercises. Kelly bounces in with the Beatnik Pop Culture Report!! Then they discover how to make your own petrified baby. What could follow that but a list of really bad apps to buy in 2014.  And some how all of this reminds Jason of a shocking  experience he had with his cell phone.

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What is the deal with Ohio! Why are they so rude to telemarketers! Need gift ideas, Bill and Jason give you the run down on how much it will now cost to give the gifts from eh 12 days of Christmas.  Kelly bounces in with the Pop Culture report and mourn the loss of Peter O'Toole.  Then Bill and Jason attempt to unravel the code in a Sioux Falls SD television ad by Attorney Scott Hoy.  

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Jason attempts to explain what happened to last weeks show. Then we find out what Victoria's secret is that awkward men buy more. If you love coffee shops you can learn the the top ways to piss off your favorite Barista. Kelly is back the the best music you missed from the NPR website including her new favorite band The Pines.   Then the public apology triggers a fierce debate. 

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Bill and Jason relive a story for Kelly that turns out to be a hoax about this Producer from the "Bachelor" the reality dating ground hogs day  that is very popular among people who want to be in a studio audience, who provokes this lonely, frustrated, sad and pathetic lady wh0 complains loudly into violence and while he does this spits out the story in a spam of a hundred tweets.  Then Bill talks about his requests from Mensa to come and join and before you know it Kelly is back in the room  She starts to give the pop culture report when something unexplainable happens. 

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Bill and Jason discover the best way to pass the time during a flight delay on the way home for thanksgiving. Then they uncover the dark side of Black Friday. The boys get the scoop on shopping drones from the new Pop Culture reporter Kelly. Then they get random with the front page of the internet.  They saw the movie Catching Fire and found out the best part of the story was the bar tender.

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