Creative License is a weekly audio and video podcast with Bill Hermann of "The Entertainment Experience Workshops and Seminars" with his take on the DJ Industry, DJ Life and Fun

This week Bill and Jason feature guest Barney Grossman out of London. Barney has developed a following in the club scene and he is a very accomplished wedding DJ. In addition to that, he's a computer genius! I know what you're thinking, over achiever. He shares his experience developing some fame around his club work and how his club mixing influences the wedding receptions he DJs.

Barny's mixes

Barny's Opener

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A couple of DJ’s on a talk show, Bill and Jason take sides in case about a broken penis.  Then it’s fathers day musings followed by remembering Casey Kasem.  Then they share a story on “Wedding Music Myths” in which ADJA President DJ Dr. Draxx dispelled some commonly held stereotypes about the DJ industry. A new service has outsourced DJ’s on Club Cast to sell major DJ acts to smaller clubs. Then Bill and Jason try out for a new movie that is in the works by Warner Brothers about a DJ who is a spy.

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Bill Hermann and Jason Jones share a big announcement regarding their participation in the next Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas.  Then Jason shares a wonderful list of travel accessories you will never need for your trip to Vegas for the show.  Then they talk about a new "Realty TV" Show about DJs that will be casting soon.

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Bill and Jason discover that you can virtually DJ for a crowd of Avatars with real people on the other side listening.   Which DJ's are raking in the big bucks in Las Vegas?  Bill and Jason talk about a story on Bloomberg on Steve Aoki.  How Steve creates an experience and what a dork the lead anchor is in the story. 

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